#francescathebianchi + @levis and @vsco ‘s #commuter . I love this series…be prepared for quite a few of these the next few weeks. #vscocam LV1 (at Lake Front Trail near Hyde Park)

Cute little fire boat out on Lake Michigan yesterday Eve, just showin’ off. ☁️☁️🚢☁️☁️ #chicago #vscocam E3  (at Northerly Island)

#tbt to early summer on the east coast. #capecod #marthasvineyard #vscocam A1

I just couldn’t resist posting one more of Linden from last weekend. She walks like a drunken sailor. 😂  #auntcocograms #springfieldil #vscocam L3

Humanity is beautiful and horrendous all at once. This is from a pro-Palestine protest from last Sunday in the loop. I do not think this is the appropriate platform to express political views, but I think it is more than okay to say that my heart breaks just about every day when hearing the news of more people, especially children, dying. Am I naive to still hope for peace? #gaza #chicago #vscocam  (at The Magnificent Mile)

One more, one more! #whpthegreatindoors #vscocam A6  (at Wm. Vans Coffee)

Just found this forgotten beautiful interior just sitting in my camera roll, waiting to be shared for #whpthegreatindoors . #acertainslantoflight #vscocam A6

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to participate in #whpthegreatindoors this weekend, but my sister took me here for a quick coffee before hopping the train at that golden hour, and I was like 😍! #vscocam A6  (at Wm. Van’s Coffee House)

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