My day 1 image if the #5xinfinity challenge. I was invited by ma gurl @cyndy_fike . The rules of the challenge are to post 1 unique image every day for 5 days, and you must invite someone new to join in each day. I’m taking it beyond Chicago and inviting my insta pal @jonathonthegreat ! You up for it? This is an image of my vintage light up globe…a favorite piece of mine. I just watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” last night, and I’ve got to be honest, I had been putting it off for some time because I knew it would stir up some emotions. It did. I loved the movie, but I couldn’t help but have som soul ache, thinking back on the life of travel and adventure I once had, and how it kind of hurts that I am not able to travel as readily to such amazing places anymore. But it also got my brain ticking to find ways to make that life possible again. If I could do anything with nothing holding me back, I would travel and share stories of people and cultures and the universal humanity in us all. I would love to find a way to make that happen. (Whew, that was a long one…thanks for sticking out to the end…ha!) #globe #vscocam C1  (at Pilsen Art Walk)

In honor of Earth Day: I took little Ana to the lakefront to play soccer in the green space, but all she wanted to do was look at the lake. Every time a wave broke she said “Whooooa!” or Cooool!” I’m hoping my fascination with nature rubs off on her a bit. May our generation do a better job of taking care of this great place so that this next generation has the opportunity to enjoy and nurture it. There is a lot of healing to do on this planet, but I am hopeful. 🌍🌎🌏 Happy Earth Day! #nannylife #earthday #lakemichigan #chicago #vscocam (at Hyde Park - Lakefront Trail)

✨☕️✨ A big “Thank you!” To @intelligentsiacoffee and @popularpays for yesterday’s rainy Monday pick me up! 🙏 #popularpays #poppays #chicago #vscocam F2  (at Intelligentsia Millenium Park Coffeebar)

This is my Grammy’s house…empty. I was home this Easter weekend, and normally I visit my Grammy every time I’m back. Last week, she made the move to Kansas City to get the care she really needs, so she is no longer here. It was all so fast, I didn’t even get to say good-bye. It was the first time I was in her home since she left, and I must admit it made me tear up a bit. I was so lucky to have my Grammy and Grampy (when he was alive) in the same town. I will probably never see her again in Clinton, but you better believe I’ll be heading out to Kansas to visit. #houseportrait #home #vscocam

Public Service Announcement: I have a FREE (FREE!!!!) ticket to the Cubs game tonight. 7:05. Come have a cold one with me while watching the sunset over Wrigley! Who wants it? :::: This is from one of my favorite places…the Clinton Antique Mall. Every time I’m home, I come here. Much if my apartment was found here. I bought a brass sailboat paper weight this time around…it’s pretty. #enjoyillinois #antiques #whptypeinthewild #vscocam A5

No joke…spring allergies are taking their toll on me. It’s time for one! 😴 (couldn’t resist this as I was setting up my “oh snap” letters yesterday.) #whptypeinthewild #vscocam

Pun completely intended. For @Instagram ‘s #WHPtypeinthewild #vscocam C2  (at Clinton, Illinois)

One more #circlegetsthesquare from the Museum of Science and Industry…trippy! #chicago #silhouette #vscocam

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